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First day of the rainy season essay

First day of the rainy season essay

It was hot from this morning. As the sun started climbing in the sky, the discomfort started increasing. Wind up and sunlight fast. Nobody is relaxed. They started removing "oops" from everyone's mouth. On seeing the sun, the eyes go wide. Seeing this scorching heat and heat, experienced people said, it will rain today, summer has reached the peak. Does not feel comfortable in any work, has become a problem, sleep has become restless.

The truth of the experts came true. As the day progressed, there was some decrease in the western sky. Sporadic clouds surround the sky. They began to climb up, deepening, taking the form of Kali Ghata. Lightning started flashing. The wind got louder. But due to coldness it looks very sweet. Dried and withering started filling life in the body. The frogs began singing songs to welcome the rain queen in their own turr-turr sound. 

Soon the clouds covered the whole sky. Started to drip. First of all, due to the drop, some dust washed away but the wind started running when they were strong. The wind speed took the form of showers. People who were distraught by the heat and went out to see the rain, stepped up and started returning to their homes. But the group of children started jumping with joy under the open sky. The children had got water after a long time and they were taking a shower all their life. The joy of getting wet in rain is something else.

In a short time, nature changed its color. The beige leaves of the trees shriveled up and started making waves. Even after getting washed away, the flowers began to take a new form and swinged. Sondhi of Mati was pulled out with dirty breath to make space in the heart. Aha! The first day of this rain changed the body of the world. 

Animals and birds are also enjoying this first day of rain. Goats soaked from pastures and lowered sheep are returning to their hearts with joy. Cows and bulls have rejoiced in the rain. The buffaloes do not want to be separated from the water, till their thick scorched skin does not get wet, till then they will not budge.

The rain has intensified. The drains were flooded. The days were filled before the sinking. In them, children start running paper boats. The race to run the boat and the race of the children began to infuse juice in the minds of old men. Their childhood has emerged today, but they are not able to enjoy such happiness due to being tied in the bond of growth. 

The distraction that had prevailed in the world due to the absence of rain and the effects of heat, was overcome on the very first day of rain. Where there was no peace for a moment, there was peace. 

On the first day of the rains, where the earth was green, filled the hearts of everyone with gaiety and excitement, there was a feeling of trouble for the oppressed. Their broken huts started dripping away. The poor people, having eaten dry and dry, were able to extinguish the stomach fire with difficulty, there was renewed concern to build huts, avoid getting wet.

In this way, the first day of rain has appeared before us as a message of joy and pain. This is not surprising because the creator of the creator is colorful.